People who have come to our stand at the BIEMH or those who have browsed our LinkedIn profile have surely already noticed that we have changed our logo. Well, not only that, but we have renewed the entire corporate image and the Flubetech website.

12 years have passed since the beginning of Flubetech. 12 years accompanying our clients in their day to day, in critical circumstances, uncertain futures and also in successful moments. We have grown together, generating relationships of trust, constantly innovating and understanding that our product is linked to that of our customers.

This is the time to translate this into a new image that projects us into a joint future, with a new, closer website, where we can be easily found, where we can tell what we do, where we can find solutions and where we can keep in touch.

For this reason, we are pleased to present the new image of Flubetech, which encompasses everything we believe in and value: transparency, commitment, innovation, trust and proximity to our clients.

We hope you like it, at least as much as we do.